Comprehensive Wealth Management for Private Clients

Wealth Management

At BPU we are proud to enjoy lifelong, inter-generational client relationships, by BPU’s utmost professional, yet deeply personal approach. This balance of “professional and personal” demonstrates our dedication to our clients and our inherent understanding of the profound importance of financial health on their lives and the lives of their families.

This deeply personal relationship, which all of our financial advisors build with our clients, enables them to understand your goals and life situations; to answer all your questions; to collaborate with you on crafting financial strategies to realize your goals and to anticipate and adapt to changing circumstances; to oversee and manage those strategies; and to serve as the bridge to BPU’s team of credentialed professionals including: Chartered Financial Analysts, Attorneys, Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analysts™, and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioners.

We consider these four fundamental questions the foundation upon which our relationships are built, counsel is given and decisions are made:

Your financial advisor works collaboratively with you by creating a Comprehensive Financial Plan that addresses all four of these fundamental questions or by developing an investment strategy through our Asset Management Services that focuses solely on protecting your assets; enjoying reasonable growth; and, managing your assets so that they last. Together we understand what return on your investments you may need for various purposes; how much risk you can tolerate; and how taxes affect your investment decisions. Your advisor and the entire BPU team then is best able to recommend one or more of our global, multi-asset class strategies for you, that fits your unique circumstances.

Retirement Plan Services

Did you know that you’re a fiduciary? As a plan sponsor, trustee or investment committee member, you manage the assets of another person and stand in a special relationship of trust, confidence and legal responsibility.  While you don’t make decisions at the employee account level, you do manage the decision making process for selecting your plan’s service providers.

As your 3(21) co-fiduciary BPU collaborates with you to implement a Fiduciary Quality Management System.  We organize, formalize, implement and monitor all aspects of your plan. This system adheres to the 7 Global Fiduciary Precepts defined by the Center for Fiduciary.

As a leading, regional wealth management firm, BPU’s depth of experience helps you and your employees thoughtfully ask and answer four fundamental questions: Do I have enough?; How do I make it last?; How do I protect it?; and How do I pass it on? Learn more.