Asset Management for Private Clients, Trusts, Retirement Plans and Eleemosynary Clients

Managing Assets

Investment Risk can be specific or broad. It can manifest itself in a single company, industry or sector. It occurs due to poor business management or events like strikes, catastrophic equipment failures or major disruptions to supply chains. Investment Risk also emanates from changes in global economies caused by political and social unrest, central bank driven interest rate changes and other macro economic factors such as inflation, currency fluctuations or vagaries of the business cycle. No matter the source or type – risk is a part of life and ever present. Most significantly, risk must be managed.

At BPU, we have been helping clients manage risk and grow their assets since 1997. By allocating capital globally, across a spectrum of assets classes, we help you position your assets for growth; and, simultaneously manage broad macro risks. Further, by diversifying across multiple sectors and securities within each of those asset classes, we help you manage specific industry and security risks.

Combining institutional-strength investment capabilities with highly personal supervision and attention to detail, we strive to identify opportunities in all market conditions and deliver high-quality, objective advice. Learn more.